Publications (Not-peer reviewed)

Commentary: The Rise of Anti-Asian Hate in the Wake of Covid-19

Jennifer Lee and Monika Yadav

We chronicle the rise of attacks, harassment and bias toward Asian Americans as the Covid-19 pandemic has unfolded. Abetted in part by discourse from the Trump administration, we discuss the past history of these prejudices. We conclude with an analysis of political differences within the Asian American community and how these might be affected, and possibly bridged, in response to the scapegoating of the group as a whole.

Analysis: Midday meals scheme: Are corruption claims exaggerated?

Monika Yadav

Soon after Aadhaar (unique identity number issued by Govt. of India) was made compulsory for availing midday meals in schools, Indian government claimed that the move had helped expose several instances of schools siphoning off funds under the scheme by reporting inflated student enrolment. Comparing official data with that from the Indian Human Development Survey, I show that corruption in the scheme is less than what is being alleged - and not of the nature that Aadhaar can check.